Born and raised in Niš, Serbia, lives and works in Vienna since 2012.

My work is focused on bodies, identities, and people’s narratives. It is strongly influenced by intersectional feminist thought and many years of queer activism. My tool is a digital camera, and portraiture is the medium through which I approach my subjects. The motivation to take a portrait – whether of myself or other people – stems, not only from my fascination with bodies but includes everything that surrounds and interacts with them: colors, light, objects; for that reason, I often use 35 mm lens. Portraiture is my way of confronting social norms and their effects on our mental and physical wellbeing – it´s a method that allows for the expression of struggle, as much as pride and rebellion. For me, the act of taking a portrait is a process of connecting empathetically to the person I photograph. This connection is the basis for what is encaptured in the portrait.



Friedl Kubelka, School for Artistic Photography, Vienna
M. Sc. in Architecture, Faculty for Civil Engineering and Architecture, Niš


At Home, Lazy Life, FotoWien


Solo Shows

Peace and Quiet, Lazy Life, Vienna
At Home, Fett+Zucker, Vienna (within EuroPride)

Group Shows

Space20, Schloss25
Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival

Double-Sided Sticky Tape, Turner Contemporary, Margate, EN

Photo: Vienna, MAK – Austrian Museum for Applied Arts

Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna



2019 – Colonial Cocktail of Stefani Sourial, Brut Wien
2018 – Who will take my dreams away, Denice Bourbon and Veza Fernandez



2016 – kwerfeldein