Lockdown, Reflections and I

I spent this time at home, alone in my apartment, rarely seeing people. The first 2-3 weeks since the first lockdown in March 2020 were particularly striking. The sight of empty supermarket shelves and people stocking up on food took me back in time, to the early 1990s and the breakup of Yugoslavia. Back then, due to the economic crisis and United Nations sanctions, we stood in lines for hours for basic food items like bread, milk, oil, or fuel. Trigger and retraumatization that I thought I had long since overcome. Over the next year, a series of psycho-physical phases followed – from isolation and feelings of loneliness, to working on myself mentally, physically, and spiritually, to taking photographs and thinking about the future. Almost all relationships with friends and family have changed – some I’ve grown closer to, others I’ve grown distant from. A full turnaround, it turns out, is one of the most important years of my life.