These are the portrait I have made of queer people from my surrounding since 2016.

Boy and his chicken, 2018

Simeon is a twelve-year-old boy who I met a couple of years ago when he and his queer family arrived from Russia to Vienna escaping the totality regime of Vladimir Putin. He has three parents, two of who are non-binary people, and lives with them in a shared house project. Growing up in a queer environment, Simeon is trying out many things and social roles forbidden for so many children. When I met this special kid for the very first time he was wearing a pink tutu ballet skirt with mohawk hairstyle. Now he has green hair and a chicken named Klara. (The description corresponds to the time the photograph was taken.)

Florian in drag, 2016

From 2014 till 2017 I was living in Türkis Rosa Lilla Villa, a queer house project in Vienna. This is where I took a photograph of my housemate Florian, preparing for the drag show in the local queer bar Marea Alta.

Veza, 2019 - Analog
Rada, 2019 - Analog
Jasmin, 2016