At Home is an ongoing photography project, started in 2016, which focuses on identities, personal spaces, and community.

I have started this series of photography portraits while living in the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa, a queer house project in Vienna. I lived there for 3 years and during that time I got very inspired by that place of 11 people living together. Living in the same house and being engaged in the community work gave me a strong feeling of mutual belonging. I’ve started photographing my housemates in their rooms mostly because I wanted to become closer to them, to get to know them better. It was my way of showing care and appreciation for being in my life, in the house, for supporting me and letting me support them. When I moved out I have continued photographing my next flatmates, friends, and other people who I met at the Viennese queer scene for the same reasons.

Oluchukwu, 2020
Nova, 2019
Nova, 2019
Rada, 2020
Danilo, 2020
Iva, 2019
Em, 2019
Sara, 2018
Ana, 2019
India, 2019
India, 2019
Sam, flatmate, 2018
Irena, 2017
Coschi, housemate vrom the Villa, 2017
Dennis, housemate from the Villa, 2017
m, 2019
Florian, housemate from the Villa, 2017
Denice, housemate from the Villa, 2017
Denice, housemate from the Villa, 2017