Iceberg, 2016

Bathroom, 2016

Bathroom is the first self-portrait series that I made in 2016. Back then I was spending all my time at home, mentally and physically recovering from an illness that left me in a very bad condition.

The bathroom is the only room in our living space meant for being with our bodies and taking care of them. It is the only room where we have to be naked facing our bodies the way they are: skinny, old, queer, ill, fat, black, female, trans, hairy, unable. Even if we avoid looking at them, we still have to touch them. Our bodies are giving us feelings such as satisfaction, fear, happiness, or shame, which is affecting all aspects of our everyday lives. Bathrooms can be only places where we can be alone, where we can hide, cry, think, or just have a rest.
The bathroom is the place where I am connecting with myself from inside and outside.

Flow, 2016
Illness, 2016
My bathroom companion, 2016
Untitled, 2016
Untitled, 2016
Silence, 2016
Cure, 2016